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In recent years, Better Futures has played a pivotal role in developing the ecosystem for early childhood education leaders to thrive in leadership roles. In an effort to continue our momentum and impact, Better Futures has created another crucial membership level (CRAFT Executive) to support NONPROFIT leaders within the early childhood education sector. Nonprofit leaders are not usually serving their Associations alone, but they are frequently focused on the incorrect priorities, and when you combine the fact that existing board members are unskilled in infrastructure, board recruitment, fundraising, and grant writing, it's no wonder that once thriving Associations no longer add value in a community that desperately needs their support and resources.

CRAFT Executive, when it launches, will not only offer live webinars (CRAFT Institutes) and engaging business content, every early childhood leader and board member (up to 2 can be added to your membership) will be invited to join our Community of Practice, which will meet quarterly to support leaders to win more grants. In addition, CRAFT Executive members will be offered a 20% discount from our partner, ADP, the global leader in Payroll and HR Compliance.

Sample Topics within the Quarterly Community of Practice Meeting:

  • Learn how you must first empower your board to lead organizational development and manage your own emotions before starting a capital campaign

  • Understand the key themes and priorities connected to grant writing

  • Explore the types of documents required to apply for grants

  • What types of funding are available to keep an Association going after a significant drop in revenue or membership?

  • Discover how to navigate difficult small business challenges and lay a strong foundation for sustainability

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CRAFT EXECUTIVE is supported by a dedicated team of Coaches devoted to the early childhood education sector that specializes in a comprehensive range of consulting & advisory services, complemented by industry-specific knowledge and the leverage of a network of specialist expertise across the UK, Europe, the US and Asia.

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