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Free Live Coaching to support your business like never before with tools and personalized guidance.


Say goodbye to surprise price increases with a 2-year CRAFT Price guarantee.

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Access to Pre-Recorded content and streaming    library with CRAFT+   and CRAFT Cafe  


All packages Include These Benefitse


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 Unlimited Live courses and Bootcamps that fit your leadership style, experience level and goals.

Browse our collection of virtual courses on core Business concepts and trending topics for educators and leaders to reignite your spark and strengthen your business.

On-Demand Digital Learning

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Stream live courses anytime with an annual membership plan

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Watch on desktop, laptop or mobile device.

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Have A Great Idea For A Webinar?

Our team would love to hear what topics are most important to you. Take 3 minutes to fill out this form, and help our team continue to help other leaders get the tools, information and courses they need to spark change.

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Why is CRAFT the best
place to invest?

Only CRAFT offers unlimited Live courses from 10 Topical areas for educators and leaders; Unlimited on-demand courses can be streamed to your desktop, laptop or mobile device. With CRAFT membership, receive unlimited* Live Coaching and courses to support your business like never before.

* Must purchase CRAFT LUX or higher

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Natasha Lewis  |  Family Child Care Owner

Tomeiko Wright, |  Family Child Care Owner

"Better Futures provides valuable financial and business tools to help run a successful child care business."

"The info presented by Jahi Davis and Robert Gundling is so powerful and helpful to our business you don’t want to miss any of the training offered by these two professionals.  They continue to share their success and how it has worked for them that they pass it down to the next leaders of the future.  I suppose that’s why it’s called Better Futures. We are called Better Futures coming behind them."

Yvonne Stewart  |  Center & Family Child Care  Owner

"New, fresh, and useful information; Thought-provoking presenters."


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