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Impact in the District of Columbia

Better Futures provided support to a multitude of Early Childhood Education businesses in Washington, DC. Recently, providing guidance on a variety of issues related to transformation. One of the businesses was a nonprofit organization, Southeast Children's Fund, an Early childhood education program, with over 50 years of history, that operates a Professional Development Institute in Washington, DC. Better Futures supported the review of the organizational structure and systems of the organization and completed work to strengthen the financial management system. They also provided guidance and support with matters related to revitalizing the members of the Board and in direct support with the attorney for the organization to ensure the organization was in good standing with the city and the IRS. Finally, they provided guidance on when and how to prepare the Board to update our current Strategic Plan.



Image 10-16-23 at 7_edited.png
Image 10-16-23 at 7_edited.png
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