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CRAFT By Better Futures is a leading online professional development platform designed for the Leaders, Directors, and Administrators that want an easy way to keep up with the latest business trends with live online courses. Committed to empowering educators and advancing leadership outcomes, CRAFT By Better Futures offers an extensive collection of live and streaming options on core business concepts and trending topics to reignite your spark and strengthen your business. CRAFT melds together business and early childhood education — harmonizing these both sides for better outcomes. 

We begin by scheduling an initial call to discuss your goals (and challenges). Next, we develop a training proposal and determine budget. Then, we devise a training plan, and customize your training program & materials for your specific audience. Once the date is set, we arrive early online via Zoom to confirm & test technology and complete a run of show, then we deliver a powerful training and request a survey of participants. Options start for as little as $2500 for live webinars. 

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Join the CRAFT EXECUTIVE Program to receive exclusive content and over 9 months of training material to increase your Association management & fundraising skills.


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