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We take care of you.

Our new Virtual mentors program gives you access to the nation’s top mentors who can support anything from establishing a budget to opening a new location. Speak to a top mentor online and get personalized, high-quality support from anywhere - focused on you.

*If we’re unable to help you or provide support, we’ll offer a full refund.

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Our membership includes:

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Unlimited in-app messaging

Message your mentoring team to get the support you need before, after, or between visits.

Online customer care team

Online same day appointment booking

From billing questions to crisis management issues, our care team will help guide you every step of the way. 

No more long waits. Access guidance and advice whenever you need it. 

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Convenient Virtual Visits

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Book a virtual visit, chat via video on your smartphone, and get the support you need for your early learning business. Our advanced technology is integrated with Zoom and makes booking simple and easy.

Team meetings are led by one of our mentors who will guide your team through a series of relevant topics and identify specific recommendations to improve operations or business outcomes using our advanced tools that ensure everyone is on the same page.

Individual Visits

Team Visits

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Demonstrating the Highest Standard of Quality

Where Early Learning Expertise meets Business.

At Better Futures, we put the client first in our virtual mentoring program for early learning leaders. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of confidentiality and improving client outcomes blending over 75 years of experience in a way that is refreshing and thought-provoking for every business that we encounter. We take a deep dive to help your childcare business rise up and battle extinction level events in 2023 and beyond. Tap into the minds of Dr. Robert Gundling, Jahi B. Davis, MBA and other members of the team. 

Recent Calls:

  • Staff Termination  

  • Access to Capital

  • Program Expansion Grants

  • Nonprofit Application 

  • HR & Legal Questions

  • Opening a Line of Credit

  • Company Benefits

  • How to apply for SBA Loans

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