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Marketing is an important part of your child care business. Marketing informs families about your program and why they should choose your program for their children. Come learn marketing strategies and techniques for growing your child care business.



Little numbers, big deal

This financial course is designed help early childhood business leaders rethink the way they are creating annual budgets. We'll cover the only three numbers that matter in your business.



Surviving to thriving

This course will help any early childhood business leader determine the true cost to operate and run a child care program so that you can be fearless!

Best Value

CRAFT Family



Every year

Perfect for Family & Group

Valid until canceled

Unlimited Live Courses (Attend all CRAFT+ Sessions)

Unlimited on-demand Recorded Webinars

Access to conference-level speakers and Technical experts

CRAFT+ is a subscription webinar & on-demand svc for Family

Access to exclusive Boot Camp programs (CRAFT only)

Up to 4X Technical Assistance Zoom Meetings Per Year (New)

10% Off All Services and Fees

FREE Tools and Templates

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