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Have you heard the saying, timing is everything? Well, if you haven't noticed, things are rapidly shifting in the childcare industry! In fact, the change (ACCESS to QUALITY) is happening so fast many early learning professionals are unable to keep up and wind up abruptly closing their childcare centers or homes.





National member organizations such as NAFCC, NBCDI and NAEYC provide a great opportunity to uplift the entire early learning community and prepare them for rapid changes in the industry and that is why  we deem it important to collaborate and establish strong relationships with these key stakeholders. Our mission is to integrate business practices through a mixture of training, tools and real-world classroom and operations experience- from an early childcare perspective. This new way of "thinking" is starting to be embraced and we couldn't be more thrilled to see the positive impact across the early learning industry.

As steady and persistent advocates for the early learning community, we are committed to building strong relationships with each and every stakeholder. However, in order to connect and support the hard working individuals leading early learning programs we created an online training platform. CRAFT is the first eLearning professional development platform designed around business practices for early childhood leaders, Administrators and Directors. CRAFT outlines everything you need, with 10 topic areas, and 40+ courses, to enhance leadership qualities, develop a business plan or position the organization for growth and sustainability.

If you are looking for solutions that connect business and early learning, contact us via email or by telephone (202) 587-5638. Or head over to CRAFT to learn more about our online courses.

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