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Better Futures is a U.S. based consulting firm with a global mission to be a force to transform Early Childhood Leaders to become confident, competence leaders of their Early Childhood Education business. Founded in 2016 by early childhood expert, Dr. Robert Gundling and former business lender, Jahi B. Davis, MBA their collective vision is to inspire continuous quality improvement, strengthen business practices and create financially sound organizations that serve children. Better Futures is where Expertise and Business meet. 

Today, Better Futures has assembled a team of technical experts, talented consultants, skilled financial professionals and seasoned business advisors that work exclusively with the ECE community to develop their capacity to lead and move them toward sustainability, competency and confidence. 

What makes Better Futures unique? We are committed exclusively to supporting aspiring leaders, administrators, owners and directors in the early childhood education industry. With a laser focus on ECE leadership roles, Better Futures has made a deep-rooted commitment to the ECE field to enhance their ability to strengthen their businesses, resulting in the continuous improvement of the early childhood education program and services offered to young children, their families and staff who work with them. The Co-Founders of Better Futures are recognized national speakers, workshop facilitators, Certified Approved Trainers, and experienced organizational leaders, with over 65 years of combined knowledge to share. Their passion and dedication in working and collaborating with others have been life-long with proven results. 


Robert Gundling, Ed.D. has 45 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education. He has served as the Director of several Early Childhood Education Centers, beginning with a near site corporate Early Childhood Education Center that provided services to General Electric Aerospace and Smith Kline Glaxo Drug Company in King of Prussia, PA. He has served as a leader of Early Childhood Education, School-age and Family Service Programs for the YMCA of Philadelphia and the DC Department of Parks and Recreation where he served as the Chief of the Office of Educational Services. This program included Early Childhood Education Programs in Recreation Centers throughout the city and the largest school-age program in DC, in collaboration with the DC Public Schools. There were over 1,000 children served by this program and had a $8M budget. The Department of Parks and Recreation Program was a delegate agency of the United Planning Organization Head Start Program.


Jahi B. Davis, MBA previously managed a community development financial institution (CDFI), a nonprofit bank which advanced large-scale community development projects within 226 communities across the country. With 24 years of experience in business, lending, strategic planning, nonprofit fundraising and human resources, he also was the architect for the national expansion of a pilot IDA program (sponsored by US Department of Health and Human Services) for low-income young adults, and conducted extensive national trainings and technical assistance programs for small businesses looking for access to capital. He last served as Market President with a HUD Certified Housing Counseling agency in the Nation's Capital. As a former Youth Policy Advisor to then Mayor Ed Rendell, during his tenure as chair of the Philadelphia’s Promise Delegation, he subsequently advised Mayor John Street on topics such as Philadelphia's regional framework for youth engagement.

Better Futures helps you

in these areas...

Better Futures helps you

in these areas...

Learn by Doing

You can’t learn to be a leader by hearing about it, no matter how hard you listen, no matter how smart you are. You have to do it and do it poorly before you can do it well. The team at Better Futures has proven systems to help you become a competent and confident leader. 


We recently helped a Family Childcare Leader find talented staff, sharpen the onboarding process, rock the interview, and add a new hire with excellent credentials and passion for the children.


Executive Coaching + Strategy

Your strategic leadership skills can distinguish you from all the others who have the same dream but are lacking your ability to impact an early childcare business when the situation calls for it. Learning to cast a vision can help you influence staff and help you succeed at creating a positive workplace culture.


We recently helped a 25 year ECE Veteran, with three locations, get clear with what they want/need, organize priorities, shift mindset in the most positive of directions and dream big. We're mentoring her entire roster of Directors to ensure they are owning the role and creating impact as new leaders.

Applying Business Practices 

As you know, when you have consistent revenue and sufficient profit margins, you increase your chances of doing your best. If early childhood education is your passion, you can’t leave the results to chance. A missed grant opportunity can mean the difference between mediocrity and greatness.

We recently helped a 21 year ECE Veteran with one location renovate her building with a $300K grant, raise quality standards and secure the additional funds (commercial loan) to purchase the building where the childcare business was located. By creating a safe space for open communication, we helped her disconnect from unhealthy bonds, assume the role of CEO, implement more structure as a leader and learn how to sustain results over time.  


NAFCC's Leaders Shaping Leaders project partners with Better Futures 


Learn about the innovative program sponsored by Kellogg Foundation. Better Futures encourages awareness of best business

practices for association viability and support participating FCC leaders in financial planning for their individual futures.


NAFCC's Leaders Shaping Leaders project partners with Better Futures 


Learn about the innovative program sponsored by Kellogg Foundation. Better Futures encourages awareness of best business

practices for association viability and support participating FCC leaders in financial planning for their individual futures.


No One Said It Would Be Easy To Disrupt An Industry


Get inspired as you watch Better Futures go from an idea to becoming one of the fastest growing consulting firms in the world by having an unshakeable belief in their abilities and chasing their dreams. 


This is Dr. Robert Gundling Like You've Never Seen Him Before


Journey with Dr. Robert as he shares his insights on business and creating a lasting impact with a beloved colleague for the very first time. Get ready for a story of hope, finding your passion, and inspiration!



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