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"We Purchased Our Building" 

"I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with you two and Better Futures. Your advice and knowledge have been a game changer for The Magic Years. With your help we were able to purchase our building. For this, we will be forever grateful for making one of our dreams come true.

- Antoinette Cooper, Philadelphia, PA

"Invite Colleagues" 

I'm very likely to invite colleagues to experience the workshops and trainings provided by Better Future because of the quality and enthusiasm of the trainers. The topics were great to choose from and information was well presented.

- Tiffany Carey, Prince George's County, Maryland

"Brought Out The Best In Every One" 

I wanted to say that you both resonated with myself and the staff here at US Kids Child Development Center, the training was AWESOME! We didn't expect so much interaction with each other. Better Futures brought out the best in each and every one of us. Communication in our center hasn't been the best due to mostly us not knowing each other. We got to work in groups and explored to obtain goals for the center...I can say we are talking more to one another and focusing on the children and families. 

- Rozalind Ferguson, Washington, D.C.

"Achieve Greater Effectiveness" 

I appreciate the many contributions provided by you and your team at Better Futures.  The experience has been profound in helping us achieve greater effectiveness with our marketing and messaging...So, in summary, a big thank you to the Better Futures team for your mindfulness and giving me growth-space in which to succeed.

- Bob Borenstein, Philadelphia, PA

This wonderful team gave me a lot to think about. I look forward to workingon a succession planning. I love the quote, "Get to a place where you are only filling entry level positions."

- Theresa Shuler, Evansville, IN

"I Loved It" 

I LOVED the way Jahi explained everything. It was easy to understand and not 'over my head.' I've never met anyone who could explain it better! 

- Maureen Daigle, Boston, MA

"Accomplishment and Urgency" 

I left with a sense of both accomplishment and urgency.  We are         off to a great start in our preschool, but have some work to do, as well. Thank you for your presentation.

- Elizabeth Martin, Maxton, NC

"Presentation Was Excellent" 

That was one of the most educational and business informational workshops I have ever attended. The presentation was excellent...

- Golden Quarcoopome, Prince George's County, Maryland

"Muy Buena" 

La informacion fue muy exacta y muy interesante. la manera de llevar el entrenamiento la verdad muy buena!!/ The information was very accurate and very interesting, the truth is that it was very good.

- Jalexa Christian, Boston, MA

"Feeling Renewed and Confident" 

"I have been working with Better Futures, LLC for less than a month, and as a family child care business owner, immediately I am noticing remarkable improvements in how I run my operation. Prior to working with BF, I did not have any systems in place to assist me in taking my business to the next level. The most impressionable change that I have made thus far, directly impacts my parents. My parents are now able to pay tuition from anywhere with the click of a button. My parents are in LOVE with the new way of paying of tuition! I can not believe, that I no longer have to hand write tuition receipts. With the accounting tools implemented into my program, I am feeling renewed and confident in my business and my accounting system, thanks to Better Futures."

- Angela Jones, Cordova, TN

"You Gave Me a Push" 

"I was at the Starting Point Leadership Conference in Cleveland Ohio.  
I stood up in the last class to talk about the owner I was working for...
I am glad to let you know I am no longer there....thank God!!!   Thank you so much for your help. I am an administrator of a better program!!
With this all gave me a push to really pursue a program that my heart is in and has not yet really made its way to the Cleveland area...... A Nature Preschool.   

- Wendy Norris, Cleveland, OH

"Fills Our Buckets With Happiness" 

"They must often change, who would be constant in happiness and wisdom." (Confucious)  Thank you for sharing your knowledge at NAEYC PLI! You have shared with us all so that we may return and    share new ideas and learning. We come here to stay current which absolutely fills our buckets with happiness and wisdom. Thank you
for the time it takes to prepare, present, and follow up
with attendees!

- Maria Pankratz, Cleveland, OH

"Second to None" 

The support we have received from Better Futures has been second to none.  Thank you both for not only supporting our mission but for helping us to expand our vision.  We look forward to working with you both very soon.

- Dr. Stacy Phillips, Philadelphia, PA

"Relevant, Interesting and Fun" 

Jahi and Robert are extremely professional, knowledgeable and passionate about helping to build vibrant early childhood educational programs. Their presentation was relevant, interesting and fun.

- Audrey Smith, Richmond, VA

"Funding Strategies" 

I already mentioned your company to our Center Administrative Director and the early childhood board I serve on as a potential help in working on business/funding strategies! 

- Paige Beatty, Washington, D.C.

"Gained Knowledge" 

The training that I attended at the NC CCR&R Institute was outstanding. I will use the knowledge I gained to assist Child Care professionals in Alamance County. Thank you!

- Kathy Miller, Alamance County, NC


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